Birthday drinkies.

Huzzah, it's that time of year again.

I shall be having a drink (or six) on friday 15th (next friday) in the Half moon in Putney. for location details.

I'll be there from about 6 (possibly earlier) be there or don't.

Feel free to pass this info on to those you think might wish to come as well but aren't reading this.
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Still around.

In case people were concerned (forgive the self-regarding nonsense)

I'm still around just been a little busy for things.

I shall be at the pub on wednesday but don't let that put you off.

I'm in a bit of belligerent mood as I had a bit a set to on the way home and for some reason relished getting into an unnecessary argument.
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Darkest hour.

Didn't think I'd be here again.

Not been at this point for 21 years, can't think of anything that has triggered this but something obviously has.

Sick of me, sick of being me but still, I'll carry on doing the smiley bullshit thing, life goes on, shit happens.
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Hospital trip.

Just got back from Guy's, everything was fine until my blood pressure was checked.

all recent ones have been normal, today it's dropped to 90/58.

I know that's not dangerously low but it is a drop on the normal reading, the Doc suggested I may be dehydrated, Think I'll book an appointment with my GP to make sure it's just a blip.

oh and I'm to stay on Atenolol he was going to discuss it with me but I raised the question first (about the non use of Beta blockers) but as he said, typical of the media to blast the story from the rooftops when it wasn't really as sensational as was made out.

Still good to get clarification.

Who said scientists have no imagination?

Currently the best telescope scientists have is the VLT.

Which of course stands for....

..wait for it....'re never going to guess...

Very large telescope.

they propose the building of a new one (whic for Hitch hikers fans will be 42 metres in diameter).

The name of this one?

will be...

...The ELT...

....which stands for...

...come on you can't possibly guess....

...on second thoughts I suspect you're ahead of me...

...Extremely large telescope.

And they wonder people don't take them seriously?

The world today.

I fear for the world today.

I've lived through worldwide tensions, growing up in the death throes of the cold war gives one a harsh perspective on worldwide tensions and anyone my age has seen the ebb and flow of warfare both minor and major.

However in the last weeks we've seen sabre rattling in Korea (the sabre's are slightly bigger however), rising tensions in India, tensions with Pakistan have eased in recent years but the bombings in Mumbay appear to have destroyed any impasse, and then we come to the Israel issues, couple this with Iraq/Iran/Syria/Afghanistan and the failure of G8 in Africa the safest, most stable place in the world appears to be South America (who knew??).

Ordinarily I would tut loudly and expect it to sort itself out but you know? I'm not sure.

I genuinely feel we could be sliding inexorably into something we can't get out of.

The silence from the so called leaders of the free world is deafening, perhaps like me they're waiting to see what happens next.

Sorry, not usually this heavy on the politics but I genuinely fear for the future at the moment.
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World cup: winners and losers.

Well, it's all over (yes I hear some of you cheering)

so here's my winners and losers of the World cup.

in no particular order.

The BBC, tremendously good presentation on TV and radio, the BBC currently have an ad line that says "it's what we do", this is made true by their coverage, it's not flashy or OTT it's just professionalm well doen to them.

Leonardo, Beautiful man in body and mind one of only a few people I would turn gay for and I don't saying it, had some fine moments as a pundit, hope he's back for the next one.

Adrian Chiles: Always liked him, has a one of the lads feel but also has a good mind for talking the game.

Dutch fans for hving to take off their trousers due to them carrying the name of a dutch beer (see the losers below)

The Guardian, the two Ronnies featuring Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, consistently funny throughout.

Gorgeous women fans, giddy up!!!!!11!!!

The German people, always had a reputation of being serious humourless people the German friends I have belies this but there it is, however even from this distance the warmth from the German people was there to see, I expect the German tourist board are rubbing their hands.

Aaron Lennon, even putting aside the fact I am a Spurs fan, non spurs fans will testify the little appearances he had enhanced his reputation big time and will not only be a good sub for Beckham but will replace him sooner rather than later.

Oliver Khan, kept on the bench, appeared not interested but one moment he embraced his succesor and finally realised that the world respects him as a player.

last but not least MINGE!


ITV, oh dear, get lost, no really just get lost.

Theo Walcott, Fine lad and it wasn't his fault but if he does play for Arsenal next year he'll find out opposition fans will give him a hard time, work experience is all well and good but we can give kids work experience of the wc anyway.

Budweiser, horrid "beer" signing exclusive deals in a country that prides itself on real beer to the detriment of other products is not going to endear yourself to anyone.

Ronaldo, well, what did you expect?

Divers and cheats, stop it now.

Zizou, well, up until the headbutt (Yes pedants I am aware that is a tortology because it was a chest butt but that doesn't sound good) he was superb, what an idiot.

FIFA continuing to sell tickets to touts, this has been a bugbear for many years but still it goes on.

Sepp Blatter, the sooner this twat gets out of football the better, he hates football, football hates him.

The entire England management right up to the top of the FA, continue to dick about and can't seem to grasp they are the problem not the solution.

Mike Selvey, moaning that England players were complaining about the heat when Cricketers play in India at much higher temperature, this is crap as cricketers do not exert anywhere near as much and have regular drinks breaks, can you imagine Gatt running around a pitch for 45 minutes?

Anyway, by and large a good World cup, see you in South Africa.